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Why Choose a Career as an Analyst?

There are many different industry sectors which employ the services of an analyst. Stock brokers and financial institutions utilise the skills of investment analysts while large corporations look to a business analyst to ensure the future prosperity of their companies. Data analysts are experts at harvesting and analysing information from a wide variety of sources, while an intelligence analyst deals with the collation and assessment of sensitive or secretly gathered intelligence. Salaries for the role vary across the industry sectors; for example a financial analyst can average ($59,000 US  per year while a business analyst can earn a little more with an average salary of $63,000 US.

An analyst working in any role within any industry sector is someone with an eye for detail; someone that always reads the small print and can pick up vital pieces of data in what can sometimes be a mountain of information. An analyst also needs to be able to have vision, extrapolate possibilities from gathered information and present that information to management or senior staff as and when required. Analysts are generally logical and organised thinkers able to work both using their own initiative and part of a larger team. No matter what the industry or how big the company the role of the analyst is vital.

How to Find an Analyst Role

When looking for the right role to build a solid career perhaps the best place to start is on the professional networking site LinkedIn. With tens of thousands of different analyst positions advertised around the globe, not only it is possible to find a job close to home there is also the opportunity for relocation and a total life change. It is no good simply assuming that once you are registered with the site and put together some kind of profile that you are going to be swimming in job offers. LinkedIn requires a little work at the outset in order to make the system work for you. In order to ensure that you get off to the right start immediately and don’t make the mistakes that many others do when starting out you should take advantage of our ‘How to Use LinkedIn to Advance Your Career’ program; instead of muddling your way through the different aspects of the site our program will guide you through the steps you need to take in order to get the career of your dreams.

Never dismiss the power of social media to connect the right people together at the right time. LinkedIn is so much more than other networking sites. LinkedIn is a valuable resource when it comes to jobs, building business contacts and advancing your career, much more valuable than any other service currently available. Learn how to make yourself stand out, be noticed and have employers coming to you with their available positions, and forget the more traditional ways of finding a job which often lead to months of waiting and ultimate disappointment.

The best place to start is with the LinkedCareerGrowth free Cheat Sheet. This will walk you through the critical tools LinkedIn offers that you can begin to take advantage and use to help you make progress with your Analyst career.

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