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AskSam (3)

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1. #AskSam: How to stop being average?

2. #AskSam:  I have a branding dilemma that I would like some thoughts on. Since my previous employer’s restructure to a marketing first organization I’m in search of a new career. The problem is how to brand my skill set. I am truly a jack of all trades: operations, marketing, training, etc. I’m in search of work that will not limit me to one category (because I enjoy learning and sharing something new). Any recommendations?

3.#AskSam:  How does one stay ahead of their peers in this competitive world?

4.#AskSam: What is the best way to generate business leads from Linkedin?

5. #AskSam : How do you brand yourself when everyone has different opinions as to what is best?

6.#AskSam: Many times the interviewer asks questions that are not related to the position! Do you have any suggestions?

7. #AskSam: I spend 6 hours a day searching the internet, filling out applications.No success.. do you have suggestions?

8.#AskSam: What is the difference between sharing an update and publishing a post on linkedin?

9.#AskSam: Sam,How can I get more responses through LinkedIn InMail?

10.#AskSam – When Hiring managers are using LinkedIn to screen candidate profiles, what parts of a LinkedIn profile are searched?

11.#AskSam- How can I use LinkedIn’s “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” tool to make authentic connections/build relationships?

12.#AskSam: How do I strengthen my LinkedIn network?

13. #AskSam : What is the smart way to apply for job, using LinkedIn?

14. #AskSam : Sam, How can I go about putting key words throughout my profile to help me become more visible to recruiters and hiring managers?  Thank you in advance for the help.

15. #AskSam: Sam , I have been working with the flex jobs website for the past couple of months in search of a new job that offers more work at home flexibility. But unfortunately, I am not really getting any bites. Any advice?

16.#AskSam : What do recruiters think of LinkedIn endorsements?


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What others say about Us


Brian D. Schaaff
Brian D. Schaaff

quoteSam is a consummate professional with very strong Skills management and communication skills. His writing style and his ability to understand job search issues continually result in positive outcomes on every project that I have worked with him on.quote

July 14, 2016, Brian D. was Sam’s client

William Pomerleau, MBA
William Pomerleau, MBA

Proven IT Professional – Extensive IT background and Leadership experience with skills in population health management

quoteI would highly recommend Sam for his unique ability to write/build a profile that generates tremendous traffic. The first month after changing my profile, views went up 126% at the peak—absolutely amazing. What’s more, I not only achieved more page traffic, but also received more Inmail. All of these things came together nicely to greatly increased my chances of landing that job I have been looking for. Thanks to Sam I start my new opportunity on July 8th.quote

July 6, 2016, William was Sam’s client

Aiden S. O'Garro, MBA
Aiden S. O’Garro, MBA

Vice President of Operations and Continuous Improvement at MassDevelopment

quoteI worked with Sam to improve my LinkedIn profile. Sam was very professional and had good ideas about how to achieve a profile that would attract prospective employers. I was very pleased with the final result. My new and improved profile received an increased number of views from employers — which led to a new job opportunity for me.

I highly recommend Sam for his professionalism and superior writing skill.


Ottmar J. Chavez
Ottmar J. Chavez

Boosting Organizational Profits Through Exceptional Management Skills

quoteSam did a superb job in creating a professional LinkedIn profile that generates profile visits, and highlights my professional accomplishments. I have been contacted by recruiters because of his efforts.quote

July 18, 2016, Ottmar J. was Sam’s client

Lisa Michele Carpenter
Lisa Michele Carpenter

Senior Graphic Design Specialist with expertise in Project Management & Client Relationship

quoteSam is an incredible writer! I’ve gained more confidence in myself because of the way Sam portrayed my accomplishments. That alone was well worth it!quote

June 26, 2016, Lisa Michele was Sam’s client

Pamela Ravesi
Pamela Ravesi

Director of Product Management at Clear Ballot Group

quoteSam did an outstanding job rewriting my linkedin profile. The traffic doubled in size and the interviews increased dramatically. I would recommend his service to everyone who is in the job market.quote

April 23, 2016, Pamela was Sam’s client

Brian Schaeffer
Brian Schaeffer

Regional Sales Manager at United Flexible / US Hose

quoteSam was very thorough and detailed in working with me to establish a LinkedIn profile that accurately reflects my experience and skill sets. Sam has a great understanding of the LinkedIn marketplace and this is exemplified in his work.quote

April 22, 2016, Brian was Sam’s client

Foster Taliaferro
Foster Taliaferro

Distinguished Senior Director with expertise in change management and quality assurance programs

quoteSam was very helpful in suggesting improvements to my LinkedIn profile during my career change. It is easy to become complacent in the things we see and do daily as it relates to our careers, but his fresh approach toward improving my individual branding on LinkedIn helped me expand my reach.quote

April 14, 2016, Foster was Sam’s client

Benny Wayne Galloway CFO (Problem-Solver)
Benny Wayne Galloway CFO (Problem-Solver)


quoteSam Oke is the best friend of anyone who is looking for a job or a better job! He has no peers when it comes to making you look your best on Linkedin.com. Sam takes your basic information, profile and professional history and turns it into a Classical Masterpiece.quote

January 15, 2016, Benny Wayne was Sam’s client

Mark Mahler
Mark Mahler

GM | VP | Director ► Expertise: Sales & Operations Leadership, P&L Management & Performance Excellence

quoteSam is a consummate professional with very strong organizational and communication skills. I developed valuable contacts because of his re-written LinkedIn Profile. I appreciate his responsiveness, attention to detail and ability to articulate the message I was looking for. His writing style and his ability to understand is outstanding.quote

September 23, 2016, Mark was Sam’s client

Neal Tiemann - PMP, CSM, ITIL v3
Neal Tiemann – PMP, CSM, ITIL v3

Senior Technical Account Manager at Microsoft

quoteSam is one of those people you meet who is truly invested in other’s success! His approach of asking questions and trying to really learn about his client (in this case me) was honestly very refreshing. He does not try and push a boiler-plate solution. Instead he is truly interested in a completely custom solution for each client’s goal. His work is above reproach and in my opinion is under-priced when considering the value he delivers.

I am available to anyone considering Sam as a partner to their success – to discuss further why he is the absolutely correct pick! Please ask Sam for my contact information.quote

September 2, 2016, Neal was Sam’s client

Mark Pizzi
Mark Pizzi

Senior Financial Analyst at Qlik

quoteSam updated and redesigned my LinkedIn profile. The results were a more professional, extensive yet concise summary of my skills and experience. I did notice that after it was posted, more recruiters reached out to me in my job search. I also received and accepted a new job offer. I would highly recommend Sam’s service.quote

August 26, 2016, Mark was Sam’s client

Thomas E. Yuhas
Thomas E. Yuhas

Senior Management | Sales & Technical Training Program Development l Dynamic Public Speaker | Military Interface

quoteTime to change career gears? If so, look to Sam Oke to show you how to leverage LinkedIn to make targeted connections, increase sales, and build important relationships. Sam mentors you on how to clarify your vision and develop a strategic action plan. His ‘best practices’ arms you with real world tools and techniques that create immediate results. Research and analysis is Sam’s thing; and he uses the latest industry trends to train and coach executive and managerial candidates on how to communicate effectively, network extensively, and interview well.quote

July 29, 2016, Thomas E. was with another company when working with Sam at Linked Career Growth & Click for Interviews


quoteI just wanted to take a moment to thank you for doing such a terrific job updating my LinkedIn profile. You mentioned to me that would take approximately 30 days for results to start popping up. Well it only took one week before I started receiving phone calls and emails. I highly recommend anyone looking to update their profile to give Sam a call. Thanks again. I accepted a new position this week. Very excited to get started. I will keep you posted.quote

April 7, 2016, CRAIG E. was Sam’s client

Andrew Hottell
Andrew Hottell

Strategy Planning and Transformation Leader skilled in identifying growth and streamlining business processes

quoteHe studied who I am and what I’;ve done. He then developed a profile for me that captures my experiences in a much more effective manner than I had developed previously. I’ve gotten very positive feedback from executive recruiters on how professionally it is written.
Thank you, Sam!quote

July 21, 2016, Andrew was Sam’s client

Kirk Kruger
Kirk Kruger

Strategy Planning and Transformation Leader skilled in identifying growth and streamlining business processes

quoteSam is astute at learning about people over the LinkedIn professional platform. In a manner of days he was able to write my profile and write it in a way that I could not have done on my own. He did not manipulate any information and it honestly felt like he knew me for years after reading my profile for the first time! I think Sam is a skilled professional who has mastered his craft! And – if you have the opportunity for Sam help with a profiley – in my humble opinion you should take that opportunity and see what it can bring for you!!

I have since had many opportunities I feel I would not have gotten to either interview or at minimum have more conversations! Fantastic way to reduce my personal stress!quote

December 9, 2015, Kirk was Sam’s client

Clay Worley, MS
Clay Worley

Global Business Executive

quoteIn the time I’ve known Sam, he has consistently impressed me as an energetic communicator that puts the needs of his customers first. Sam knows the market well and anticipates the needs of prospects so that he delivers persuasive, value adding propositions every time. Don’t miss the chance to work with Sam Oke. He is well equipped with the knowledge to deliver results in a timely fashion at a reasonable cost.quote

November 24, 2015, Clay was Sam’s client

Robert Chickey
Robert Chickey

I want to personally thank you for rewriting my LinkedIn profile. Let me tell that before I used your service I would get maybe one or two calls in a year. Now, I am constantly receiving calls from both companies and recruiters offering me potential opportunities. One of my colleagues just asked what was the magic switch that I had turned on. He couldn’t believe all the different opportunities that were being presented to me. I told him about you, your services, and your company. Your service has truly changed my life in a very positive way. I wholeheartedly recommend Sam and his company. This investment is so small compared to the benefits that I am receiving. If anyone is mulling over the idea to use Sam’s services. I am a prime example of taking the chance and being blown away by the results.

Thanks again,


March 16, 2016, Robert was Sam’s client

Lori Baggett Pappin
Lori Baggett Pappin

Seasoned Sales & Marketing Specialist skilled at enhancing brand value and organizational profitability

quoteAfter I had been with a company for 16 years, I found myself needing to update my resume. I went to a well known outplacement center and thought they did a great job. Unfortunately, I was not getting the interviews. I kept reading about Sam Oke and decided to enlist his expertise for LinkedIn profile writing. What a big difference!! I am getting more interviews than I ever have. Sam excelled on how to showcase my skills and had a remarkable ability to understand my industry. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sam Oke to everyonequote

March 29, 2016, Lori was Sam’s client