How much would you expect to pay for a resume that will allow you to stand out from the job-hunting crowd and land your dream job faster than you imagined possible? Even 100’s of $’s would not be unreasonable to many considering the tremendous benefits that await you after you land your dream job, such as increased happiness, a greater feeling of contentment and satisfaction with life … and of course a higher salary. But if you act now, you can get a well-polished, easy-to-read, highly effective resume that catapults you to an entirely new level of success for just $147. That’s right, you’ll pay only $147 for a professionally-written Resume and cover letter. Well, when you consider all the amazing benefits of what I have in store for you: > Craft an attention-grabbing headline using industry keywords and Search Optimization to ensure you are found by the right hiring managers and recruiters at all times.   > Effectively leverage your strengths and proficiencies and use them to access better career opportunities and job offers that give you the freedom, comfort and income to live your life at ease.  >Recognize your exact target audience and prospective employers. To help you know exactly where you need to be, what job role and career path is ideal for you. No more shooting blanks into space.   >Identify and take note of your landmark achievements to enhance your portfolio and reputation (whether you have a huge experience or not in your field).   >An interest-generating summary that drastically increases your value to attract the right employers with your ideal offer to you. This would make your application a needle in the haystack of job seekers.   >Strategic industry positioning through 10 blog posts of your choice to place you as an ideal talent for any hiring manager and recruiter.   >Help you develop your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to easily build a personal connection with any interviewer.   > The SOS Market Strategy: Learn how to tactically network, nurture and grow your network.
This is truly massive value! Your new job could give you at least 40% increase in pay over what you are currently making … PLUS: you could be working closer to home (so you’ll spend more quality time with your family and loved ones), you’ll have a more prestigious title and status and you’ll enjoy contacts with more influential people … all for just $147. That’s crazy cheap!
BONUS #1  Inbound Marketing for your job search ( worth $267) :  I will rewrite your Linkedin profile from scratch  BONUS#2 Projecting you as an Industry LEADER ( worth $214 ) : These showcase your talent as an Industry leader and expert to hiring employers. Through blogs, they can see you as an industry leader and make more and more connections. I will write 10 blogs on a subjects of your choice. BONUS#3 Your Branding through customized LinkedIn background image ( worth $129) BONUS#4 I will educate you on which job boards ( where other candidates are not aware ) to post your re-written resume so there is less competition and you receive more high paying jobs offers. ( worth $142)  Bonus # 5  Interview Follow-up Letter  ( worth $106 ) BONUS # 6 ( worth $369) : 90 Days Unlimited email support regarding job searches, negotiating salaries and how to develop a lasting impact in your new job. BONUS # 7 ( worth $ 124) Guide to achieving Superb Salary and Remuneration Package (Fat Stacks eBook) . BONUS # 8 ( worth $168) The positive mindset for a job ebook. BONUS # 9 ( worth $ 169) Chat templates for HR manager BONUS # 10 ( worth $ 376 ) 10 Custom Company Target List: We will research the open positions based on your aspirations, skill sets  and will provide you the job opportunities which are less seen by other candidates. BONUS # 11 ( worth $ 387) Microsoft Excel Writing  training videos: This is a 13 hours, 23 lessons comprehensive videos from our sister concern Excel Logics on Microsoft Excel Writing formulas to upgrade your skills for your next job. This will offer a range of topics including Data + Tables + PQ, Writing Formulas, Making Pivot Tables,Charts + Graphs This is a stellar service specially reserved for my clients and its impact has been wonderful! BONUS #12 ( worth $ 471) Customized Power Point Presentation ( PPT) : You must impress an employer with your skills and a Power point presentation is your way in. It needs to be crisp, full of facts accumulated and organised well, with a beautiful colour scheme to soothe your new employers sight. I will design an awesome PPT for you. This bonus will be your winning move towards impressing your new employer!  BONUS #13 ( worth $ 1124) Career coaching 1-1 session ( 120 minutes ) :  Career transition, interview techniques, Ace strategies to land a dream job, and upliftment Coaching for 2023.  Bonus # 14 : (Worth $ 197 )Beat Ageism Irrespective of your age, a 27-minute Q&A video by Career Growth Strategist Leon. Bonus # 15 : (Worth $ 271)Video: Using your transferable skills to get a lucrative salary. Bonus # 16 : Video (Worth $ 589): How to be a Consultant with your present experience and add $12000/month of passive income.  Bonus #17 ( worth $624) : Multi-Channel Outreach Campaign Management :I will build a NEW list of 50 targeted HR/ Recruiters A Combination of Email and LinkedIn messaging Targeted LinkedIn connections & messaging Total touchpoints of about ~200. Bonus #18 ( worth $519) Private Equity, Venture Capital Recruiter & Founder’s Resume Distribution   
I highly recommend Sam’s work in re-writing my Resume. It helped immensely in getting me more interviews and inquiries about my work experience whereas before, I had limited callbacks. His advice and recommended changes to my profile made all the difference in helping me to find the right career choice for me.
Linda L. Michaels
Technology Sales expert with proven record in delivering year on year profits and enhancing business
Sam did a fantastic job working with me to improve my Resume. Since the updated profile was uploaded, views are up 300% but more importantly I am now more confident in sharing my profile with job posters. I would highly recommend using his services.
David Leedberg
Business Consultant experienced in overseeing retail & foodservice operations in high-volume, fast-paced environments
I was so totally BLOWN AWAY by the profile redesign that Sam wrote, I was simply speechless for a time. It resulted in more profile views and interviews. Worth every cent? It is worth 1000 TIMES what I spent.
George Haney III MPM, PMP, CSM
PMP Certified professional skilled at delivering large and complex projects
I was very impressed with the assistance that Sam was able to provide for me. It has already made a big difference. I resent info to one of my job prospects that had been out there for a few weeks. After I sent the new information, I was contacted the same day.
Louis Moreto
Law Enforcement Professional I Providing visual emergency operations plans to schools & other critical infrastructure
Samir made a huge difference with the professional and quality services that he provides that belongs in a league of its own since its quality is immeasurable and can make a substantial difference in earning a better paycheck and finding a better job faster. He goes the extra mile to display a persons profession and skills in an honest and detailed fashion and wants to take the guess work out of a recruiters responsibilities. I recommend Sam to everyone who takes his career and future serious and means business.
Dirk Hans-Morgan
Manager Development International Markets at SEKELS USA (MagPerm LLC)
Wow! There are no other words or phrases to describe how awesome Sam’s re-writes are. My new Resume is way…way…way…better than I could have imagined….why? Because I’m not an expert at it like Sam is. 32 hours later…. 4 recruiter calls for C-level opportunities. Thank you Sam!
Steve Torchia
Successful experience providing fiscal, strategic and operations leadership in uniquely challenging situations
Samir is an outstanding writer for Resumes. After two weeks of posting my new profile I started to receive five job interviews. highly recommend this professional talented person
Alejandro Leon
Inside Sales Account Manager at Home depot -Interline Brands


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Sam Oke

Sam Oke

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P.P.S. I will re-write your Linkedin profile ( worth $267) .

P.P.S  I will educated you on the strategy of the application on  job boards ( worth $142). 

P.P.S  Interview Follow-up Letter ( worth $ 106) 

P.P.S   Fat Stacks eBook  ( worth $ 124)

P.P.S   The positive mindset for a job ebook ( worth $ 168)

P.P.S  10  Custom Company Target List – with HR direct contact information  (worth $ 376)

P.P.S Chat templates for HR manager ( worth $ 169)

P.P.S Microsoft Excel Writing formulas training videos 27 hours ( worth $ 387) 

P.P.S Customized Power Point Presentation ( PPT) ( worth $ 471 )

P.P.S Your Branding through customized LinkedIn background image ( worth $129)

P.P.S Beat Ageism Irrespective of your age, a 27-minute Q&A video ( worth $197) 

P.PS Career coaching 1-1 session ( 120 minutes ) :  Career transition,interview techniques, Ace strategies to land dream job and upliftment Coaching  ( worth $ 1124 ) 

P.P.S Video: Using your transferable skills to get a lucrative salary(worth $ 271)

P.P.S Your Branding through customized LinkedIn background image ( worth $129)

P.P.S  Video: How to be a Consultant with your present experience and add $12000/month of passive income. (worth $ 589)

P.P.S I will build a NEW list of 50 targeted HR/ Recruiters A Combination of Email and LinkedIn messaging Targeted LinkedIn connections & messaging Total touchpoints of about ~200 ( worth $ 624 )

P.P.S Private Equity, Venture Capital Recruiter & Founder’s Resume Distribution  ( worth $519 )


Most frequent questions and answers

There is a massive difference! The fundamental difference is a resume is outbound career marketing, where Linkedin is inbound marketing – attracting employers to you. Both should be complementary but do not copy and paste your resume into Linkedin. The writing should appeal to your employers in order to have them reach out to you. Use our service to have your professional Linkedin profile written for you.

Yes, we take all of your information and put it together into a quality profile that you can use with pride on your LinkedIn account. This will help you get found and land your dream job.

Your resume needs to be a marketing message that informs the reader why you are the perfect candidate for the position. Our experience and expertise allows us to make you shine . We can help you do this. Some job seekers think that the purpose of the resume is to write about their past experience – big mistake. Resumes are about selling you and your abilities so you can secure the job you want.

99.95% of our clients have found new jobs thanks to our re-write. There’s no better proof than real success stories.

A blog is your thoughts you put into words for the world to understand your perspective in a better way. The corporate world is not just about numbers but how you try to multiply those numbers with your knowledge and experience. You have to publish the blog on social media which will highlight your qualities as a thinker and will enhance your as well as your reader’s knowledge about the things you are passionate about. Hence, a blog will make you stand out and will up your chances of getting hired.

The moment you make your payment via PayPal (world’s safest payment gateway; remember it is not compulsory to have a PayPal account as you can pay as a PayPal guest via credit card), we will send you the receipt. You have to attach your old resume in reply to the email. 

Your resume be delivered to you via email and you can download it to your computer. We can deliver it to you in MS Word format, PDF or ASCII.

We will complete as many edits as required until you are fully satisfied.

Our service takes 2 days to complete and you will receive your new resume by email.

We can provide references of clients who have used our service. Get in touch for more details. You can also find written testimonials throughout our website.
Yes, you can. Call us on 877-468-8119.

We determine which job will most likely have the recruiter looking for you  and we design your profile around that focus. 

We emphasize your value and de-emphasizing your age to potential employers!

We craft your profile with a solid summary section and list of keyword competencies.

We understand that employers are focused on what you have done recently. In addition, we omit information that might accentuate your age (e.g., antiquated computer programming) and focus instead on your knowledge of current equipment, programs, and tools.

Job seekers with intermittent job histories are bound to be labeled “job-hoppers”, even if there are good reasons for the fluctuations (e.g., layoffs, family emergencies, etc.).

We focus on making sure the resume is accurate and honest. With that in mind, the we do not always include a comprehensive list of every job you’ve ever held—because resumes are not intended to be complete personal histories but a summary of career highlights. The job seeker may choose to leave off jobs that were seasonal, part-time, or of short duration.

We use a functional format, listing your experience under specific skill sets. This redirects a hiring manager’s attention away from your lack of experience and points instead to how well you match the position in terms of talent and personal qualities. In addition, we highlight your academic background and explain how your education and coursework relate to the position.

For those in difficult situations (e.g., laid off or fired, prolonged job search), it is important to have your profile/ resume in top form and to remain psychologically positive. To help you begin making progress, we work with you to refocus. We ask for a list of your professional and personal accomplishments. In addition, we may have you seek recommendations from previous employers and co-workers.

As we craft your LinkedIn profile, we make sure to include your transferable skills and personal qualities which sets you apart from other candidates.