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Combo offer for charts


Sometimes you may have to show different type of information on a single chart. You will have to combine two or more charts in a single chart. We can use Combo chart in excel to create such charts. It is like a combo offer where you can enjoy the benefits of two offers in one offer.


Let’s understand the working with an example.

We have (Figure 1: Sales data of Smart Phone) from the year 2011 till 2019.

You have to create a chart showing the Sales and profit made by Smart Phone each year in one single chart.

Figure 1: Sales data of Smart Phone

Step 1: Select the Sales table A1 to F10

Step 2: Click on INSERT tab

Step 3: Click on Recommended Charts

Step 4: Insert Chart dialog box appears

Step 5: Click on All Charts tab



Step 6: Click on Combo

Step 7: Combo Chart appears

Step 8: Go to Design

Step 9: Click on Select Data


Step 10: Select Data Source dialog box appears

Step 11: Select Year from Legend Entries (Series) and click on Remove button

Step 12: Select Price from Legend Entries (Series) and click on Remove button

Step 13: Select Quantity from Legend Entries (Series) and click on Remove button

Step 14: From Horizontal (Category) Axis Labels click on Edit

Step 15: Select the Year from B2 to B10

Step 16:  Click on OK


Step 17: Click on OK

Step 18: Go to Design Tab

Step 19: Click on Change Chart type


Step 20: Change Chart Type dialog box appears

Step 21: Click on All Charts

Step 22: Select Clustered Column chart type for Sales Amount.

Step 23: Select Line with Markers chart type for Profit

Step 24: Select the Secondary Axis tick box for Profit


Step 25: Select Style 6 from Chart Styles from Design tab

Step 26: Create a sheet named Chart

Step 27: Combination chart is prepared

Step 28: Go to Design tab

Step 29: Click on Move Chart tab

Step 30: Move Chart Dialog Box appears

Step 31: Select Chart in Object in dropdown

Step 32: Combination chart moves to Chart sheet

Scope of Usage

  • Can be used to combine two charts
  • Can be used for better analysis
  • Can be used to represent more values in a single chart

Can be used for clear data points

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