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Competition in the executive job market can be tough. Only candidates with the most impressive executive resume and cover letter will have the opportunity to meet for an interview. It is vital to show prospective employers proven results by demonstrating how you saved your previous organization time and money. I have highlight your strengths—such as: revenue or profit growth, problem-solving/ adaptability /creativity, turnover reductions, interpersonal abilities, and other innovations.

How can we offer a 30 day interview guarantee when experts tell us that the average job search takes four and a half months?

Well, those statistics are correct – for the “average” candidate. But our clients are not “average” – and we don’t write “average” resumes! We wouldn’t offer this guarantee if we were not totally confident that our resumes will generate interviews within 30 days. After all, no resume writer wants to spend time rewriting resumes! That’s why only a few resume writers will offer such a guarantee. Some will guarantee that you will be “satisfied” with the draft, but few will guarantee that you will get interviews.


If you do not receive any invitations for an interview within 30 days after receiving your resume, then you can request a revision of your resume during the next 5 business days and we will gladly revise it at no additional charge. All you have to do is just send us a message and we will promptly deliver you a new version of your resume.

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