3 Steps To Start Recognizing Someone’s Emotional Intelligence


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a crucial factor. It is the ability to identify and manage not just your emotions but also of others. Those with high emotional intelligence have many advantages which helps the company’s bottom line. For example, when L’Oreal started hiring sales people based on EQ, those with who had high emotional awareness outsold others by over $90,000!

Lots of studies show a direct correlation between EQ and a successful career. That is why nowadays, companies and organizations give more importance to EQ as compared to IQ. So, what can you do to hire people with high EQ? Many of the standard job interview questions aren’t aimed at discovering the EQ of a person.

However, through the following ways, you can identify people who have high emotional awareness. One tip – have someone with a high IQ also there during the hiring process.

Notice what your candidate says and does – Observe the person before you start asking the official interview questions. Good indicators are direct eye contact and a genuine smile. Also, note the tone of their responses. If someone has high EQ, you will feel engaged by the candidate because of their strong interpersonal skills.

Note how the candidate speaks about others – For example, if asked to describe a team project that did not go as planned and how he/she handled it, did the candidate criticize others and lay the blame on them, or did he/she accept their responsibility for it as well? Also, see how they treat the support staff, is it with courtesy and kindness? Does the candidate speak about others with respect?

Ask emotion-based questions – This may seem like melodramatic advice but, what it means is that ask the candidate about their interests and why he/she likes doing it. Other questions can include what and who inspires them, how they handle failure, frustration and stress.

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