3D Lead Generation Pyramid Creation

Lead to Sale Conversion measures how effective the sales team is at converting a prospective customer, called a lead, into a paying customer.

Here are 5 tips to help you convert more leads into sales:

    1. Get Their Attention
    2. Track Your Results
    3. Follow Up
    4. Focus on Solving Problems
    5. Understand Your Competition
Step 1: Open PowerPoint

Step 2: Insert rectangles from Shapes and duplicate it four times by pressing Ctrl + D

Step 3: Align the rectangles; Format -> Align -> Distribute Vertically and Align Centre

Step 4: Create equal divisions of the pyramid; Format -> Merge Shapes -> Fragment

Step 5: Delete the rectangles

Step 6: Remove the outline

Step 7: Fill color as you need

Step 8: Create 3D effect

Step 9: Increase the depth to 100 points

Step 10: Create 3D rotation

Step 11: Add Text

Step 12: Preview Slide

Scope of Usage
  • Can be used to build up a lead conversion process
  • Can be used to plan an effective lead conversion strategy