Avoid These Common Job Interview Mistakes To Land The Gig

Job interviews can be extremely stressful for many people. Not only are you trying to portray yourself as accomplished and experienced, but you’re simultaneously trying to sell the interviewer on your glowing personality and demeanor.

Job interviews might be stressful, but they’re a necessary evil for anyone who wants to land a good job. To secure the gig, avoid these common job interview mistakes.

Don’t Lie About Your Weaknesses

One of the most common job interview questions pertains to the interviewee’s weaknesses or areas that could use improvement. Many interviewees don’t want to paint themselves in a negative light, so they default to cliched answers such as “I work too hard” or “I can be a bit of a perfectionist.” However, interviewers see right through this ruse and this technique can backfire. Instead of these stock responses, just be honest. Tell the interviewer what you could stand to improve and explain what you’ve done to try to remedy this negative quality.

Don’t Be Intimidated

This is easier said than done. It’s hard not to feel intimidated when you’re being interviewed by a person who’s the gatekeeper between you and your dream career. If you want to appear natural and confident, pretend you’re an actor being interviewed by a late night talkshow host. Be polite and personable, but also earnest and forthcoming.

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