Break the silence – Reach out for the sky using LinkedIn

Social networking sites are conquering the world today with its immense ability to reach out to the mass. Prominent social networking sites include Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc., broadly categorized under two categories – personal and professional. LinkedIn tops the professional social networking sites fascinating numerous working communities with its profound features that enable them to pronounce their existence and showcase their professional skills, experience and knowledge sharing.

This blog discusses few LinkedIn features such as “Who’s viewed your profile”, “LinkedIn groups” and “Post to Groups” features. Now, let us gain insight into each of these features that would enhance your professional life and career.

Who’s viewed your profile?

Curiosity is the basis of human understanding. Don’t you agree with me…? LinkedIn helps us to transform this curiosity into a positive outcome. Your potential may kindle other LinkedIn users to peek into your profile. Follow all those fellow members with this feature to know them both personally and professionally. This feature boosts your credentials that lured all those followers to your profile. This feature is available as a free and premium version. If you cannot afford for the premium paid version you can at least use the free version to avail the basic privileges. However, it is always beneficial to use the premium version that increases the reliability of the contacts.

LinkedIn groups

Stay connected with your peers using this feature. Joining this group paves way to share information with professionals in similar industries. This helps you to clarify your doubts and find answers to your professional queries which might be about any related subject or industry whereabouts etc. Make sure you give an attractive title for your profile to brighten your visibility.

Post to groups:

Post your comments and announcements that you would like to share with your peers in the groups. Posts include informative contents, job announcements and much more. You may also provide settings to post comments for viewers that make your posts live increasing the credibility.

So folks, have you decided already to become an ACTIVE LinkedIn member? The world has evolved. Everyone gets the opportunity to speak out for themselves. Break your silence. Grow with LinkedIn and reach for the sky!