Build castles and not House of Cards




Let us all agree, no matter what you do or who you are, it’s never easy to write about yourself! Even those well explained articles on profile optimization strategies and video-logs will leave you confused, as confused as a homeless man on a house arrest.

Antonio Julio is a high performance sales and marketing professional who places high value on business development, market share, revenue and great experience- for his clients and his team.

As a sales and marketing professional who maximizes companies top line growth and bottom line investments with strategic alliances and business development, Antonio Julio wanted to ensure his digital identity was strong and stood out from the crowd to reflect him as a dynamic sales and marketing professional who naturally attracts opportunities and people. He sought the advice of different blogs on the internet and suggestions from co-workers but nothing really worked to his expectations.

That’s when Antonio turned to LinkedCareerGrowth to help him out. We crafted a succinct profile, highlighting his significant credentials, which were unfortunately buried in his long resume. The brand new profile showcased Antonio’s skills and marketed him as an expert in his field. But most of all, he could not help but feel really satisfied and started using LinkedIn more to stay in touch with people he met at various industry events or simply connect with clients easily.

Antonio appreciates the fact that the new profile has changed the look and feel of his digital identity. ‘I have to commend on the quality of work, knowledge and commitment invested by the team. It has definitely created an impact on the way my profile was viewed earlier’.

The concise profile highlighted Antonio’s passion and allowed people to place their confidence in his abilities, products and services. Digital Identity, Antonio says, carries a high value. This is a testimonial we have received from Antonio:Antonio testimonial

Before we knew it, Antonio was already building castles rather than house of cards!

Here is Antonio’s FULL branded LinkedIn Profile Re-written by us:





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