Create Team Recognition Puzzle Layout

Employee recognition is the acknowledgment of a company’s staff for exemplary performance. You may need to highlight all types of performers in your organization during team meetings. If someone is consistently a star performer, they will likely strive to stay at the top and desire some recognition for their hard work.

Let us learn how to create a team recognition slide by building a puzzle layout

Open PowerPoint



Step1: Insert -> Shapes -> Rectangle -> Rectangle


Step2: Drag to make a square



Step3: Insert another rectangle using Insert -> Shapes -> Rectangle -> Rectangle


Step4: Insert -> Shapes -> Basic Shapes -> Oval



Step5: Select both the shapes. Format -> Align -> Align Middle


Step6: Join the three shapes and Format -> Align -> Align Middle



Step7: Duplicate using Ctrl C and Ctrl V


Step8: Right Click -> Send to back -> Send to back



Step9: Repeat Steps 7 and 8


Step10: Right click -> Shape Outline -> No Outline



Step11: Apply suitable colors


Step12: Insert -> Shape -> Oval. Place the oval shape over the puzzle pieces.



Step13: Select fill color and outline color. Increase weight of line by 3 points.


Step14: Insert Text



Step15: Preview Slide


Scope of Usage

  • Can be used by companies to build a hall of fame for team members
  • Can be used to make employees feel valued for their work
  • Can be used to motivate employees so they continue to do great work