Career Growth

Decide: Should you stay or should you leave

Soccer start Michael Bradley took a hell lot of time to decide on making his Instagram account public. Are you also a feet-dragger? Well, procrastinating never does one any good, especially if you’re wavering over whether you should stay put in your current job or leave.

‘Status Quo’. If this is your favorite word, it means that you like staying where you are, whether you like being there or not. So you will probably stay in your current job forever. And no, it’s not that you lack ambition, not that you don’t want better things to happen to you. It’s just that considering a change scares you. Beware! Change phobia can be suicidal to your career.

This however does not mean that you need to change your job for the heck of it. It just means that you regularly ask yourself a few questions: Are you happy with your work? Is your job leveraging your potential to the fullest? Are you able to learn new things? Are you satisfied with the pace at which your career is climbing? Is your pay commensurate with your work? Are you appreciated? If the answer is an unhesitating yes on all counts, believe me you are one lucky guy or gal.

Unfortunately, finding the right answers is not always that simple. You might need some help, some advice. Hiring a career expert may cost a bomb, true, but what if you got that advice for free? Yes, free advice, you got that right. And sound advice to boot. This is indeed possible on a professional networking site like LinkedIn.

Use LinkedIn  effectively —  become a part of groups of fellow-professionals and alumni. Career discussions are a regular feature here. Follow them closely, comment, ask questions, and study the answers. Want to hear from an actual career expert? Tap LinkedIn Pulse and devour articles by people who are actually career professionals. Place your doubts and questions in the comments section and you’ll surely receive the right answers. Want advice, but have no patience to read long articles? This too is possible. Just tap on the SlideShare feature and get advice in capsules. Still want direct answers?  Mail me at[email protected] , I will personally answer your questions.

All this advice and information will help you decide on that all-important question: Should I stay or should I leave? If you have decided that it is best to stay, good for you. But if you have found that you need to leave, don’t dash off that resignation to your boss just yet. Hang in there. Start looking and you will surely find that job which is made just for you, soon; a job where everything works for you. And then do what you were itching to do. Forward your resignation letter and get set to take your career to new heights.

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