Do Not Believe The Lie: “There Are No Jobs In This Economy”

One fine day, you might end up finding yourself in a state of quandary and there also prevails a probability that you do get bewildered with the haphazard trend of the job market. Instantaneously, the recession factor puts all your prospects at the backburner; the inevitable fear of downsizing of the employees, financial crunch comes to the fore, bottlenecks in exploring new opportunities and increase in retrenchment followed by the shoot up in the rate of turnover. Well, all these factors indeed take you to the province of pessimism that turns into a more hazardous thing to you, not to mention many of those who always have a tendency to flay and blame it all to the economic conditions for the dearth in jobs indeed second the lie that– “There are no jobs in this economy”. The other side of economy is more dynamic to be interpreted; moreover it needs to be comprehended in a holistic manner. You should not at any event take this thing for granted and presume that there are no jobs available in this economy. Get over that thing, the world is moving rapidly and more importantly this whole world has become flat, do not you worry we are not taking your attention to the Christopher Nolan’s ‘Inception’, sounds ironic though you might have to hold your horses for that.

You are indeed fortunate to be a part of the pervasiveness of social media which every single aspirant is enjoying; particularly when we talk of LinkedIn there are some features that always give you an edge. There is a feature of ‘Interests’ under the profile section in LinkedIn which basically exposes you to explore the companies and groups through which you can get the latest news and job opportunities, this is something that works for you even in the event of adversities. It just takes you the substantial degree of improvisation to pull it off and this activity acts as a cherry on the cake! It is believed by many of the eminent philosophers, leaders and entrepreneurs that the scope and applicability of improvisation does prevail everywhere. Even an iota of improvement is something that needs to be measured at every stage. Improvement is always looked upon by the famous business honchos as a pervasive factor that is being witnessed as a healthy indicator.

A well-known philosopher, Thomas Freidman once took a dig in this area and said – “There are three categories of people, one who discuss incidents, one who discuss people and the third category that he emphasized on the most is the one who discuss problems and they come up with a solution.” The third category that he quoted has indeed got the major influence in the corporate domain. Even then the rate of continuous improvement is on plunge these days, and the major impediment that hinders the rate of improvement within the organization is the dearth of new learning techniques.

You have to have a go getter approach as it is undoubtedly true that whatever capability the current economy demands out of you lies within. It is just that you need to uproot that trait, remember one thing –“Your originality is not determined by your capabilities, but by the decisions you take”