Do you want to be celebrated or tolerated?

Do you feel like the Eagles who tried their level best but still failed to beat the Japan’s Cherry Blossoms in the Rugby World Cup? Just like the Eagles, don’t you put your 100% into your work, and find that the promotion you wanted so badly has gone to somebody else? And don’t you get the feeling that you are being just tolerated and watch with despair somebody else becoming the toast of the office?

Have you considered why? Lack the desired skills? Upskill yourself. No, you don’t need to take up some expensive course. Decide what skill you need to learn and join a suitable open online course. Score poorly in people management? Are you the kind who thinks it doesn’t matter whom you antagonize as long as you do your work well? Sorry to disillusion you, but it does matter. Very much. So get your people act right. Learn to bond well with your boss, your colleagues and even your subordinates.

Tried everything but still think that you are the most ignored person in the office? There’s only one thing to do then: move on. Somebody has rightly said: Go where you are celebrated—not tolerated. So it’s time for a new start. Plan to apply for every job that you come across? Wait. Do it the smart way.

Are you aware that when it comes to jobs, hirers prefer to employ people they know, or at least those referred to them by people they know.

Here’s a simple solution. Use the Connections feature on the professional networking site LinkedIn. It’s your window to landing a job where you are celebrated. You can of course glance at your list of connections. But more important, the feature suggests names of influential people who are already connected with the people in your network. Awesome, isn’t it? Connect with each of these after asking your existing connections for an introduction.

Have many people in your email address book who aren’t actively part of your professional network? Use the Connections feature to import their addresses from your email account and send them connect requests.

Make Connections a game-changing feature don’t you think? The game doesn’t change overnight, true. But people who can move you to a place where your skills are celebrated are now just a finger tip away. Makes finding your dream job that much easier!

What are you waiting for? It’s high time you went to a place that recognizes you for your worth. Connect with the people that matter. Now!