Get Acquainted On LinkedIn First, Then Apply For The Job

Looking for a job is a task. Fortunately there are many way to find one – one of the biggest ones is through job portals and also the usual – advertisements by the company. You may think that after you apply your duty is done, and the maximum you need to do is maybe follow up with a mail or call to ask about the status of your job application. However, the truth of the matter is that you have completely missed the first step – to get acquainted before you apply.

Use LinkedIn for this. You definitely should use your contacts and connections on LinkedIn to get introduced to the people, especially the hiring managers. If you reach out on your own, Hirning Manager may or may not consider replying. But if it is through someone, you will definitely get a courtesy reply at the very least. Then you can take the conversation forward and get acquainted with them.

This is a really great strategy that will definitely pay off for you. Here’s why –

Acquaintances have a definite edge with Hirning Managers as compared to strangers. If you know the Hiring Manager or the he/she has been made aware of you from someone in the company, the interview will be exploratory otherwise, it will simply be stiff.

Also, if you aren’t a known prospect, the Hirning Manager will just tick eligibility boxes to when it comes to you. On the other hand, if you are an acquaintance then the focus will be more on you and your prospects in the company.

People who are referred and personally know, get paid more attention. For example, you will be considered beforehand instead of the others and will get a shot at the job first.

One of the most important things – you will be evaluated more fairly. Plus, the hiring manager will have a higher regard for your skills and performances as compared to a complete stranger.

All these things combined, will give you a greater chance of getting hired. That is why do your homework on LinkedIn and get acquainted with people from the companies where you have applied. As Alexander Graham Bell said, ” Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” So, prepare to succeed using this strategy and your chances of scoring the job will be much higher.


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