How do you build a great career without an MBA


Question: I don’t have an MBA degree. How can I still build a great career?

Answer: Okay, let me tell you degrees like an MBA do not guarantee a great career. The abundant majority of professionals are specialists who do not have advanced degrees like MBA, and of course many are very successful in what they do. You can undertake courses in different subjects to update your knowledge, for example, take a skill course like advanced financial literacy,PMP  which is integral to virtually all MBA curricula. These skill courses/ certifications in your industry will help you immensely . Secondly,  build and access your network to connect with consultants as well people who can help you move ahead in your career. Use tools like LinkedIn to hone in on people you know who could help. Develop enough work experience in a field that interests you. Last, but not the least, seek jobs and positions that offer an accelerated learning path.

Hope that helped.

Here’s to your future success!

Sam Oke


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