How to convince a Hiring Manager that ‘you are the ONE’ using LinkedIn

You aren’t satisfied with the pace at which your career is moving and you have decided…..that you are going to chuck your job and find another that can fulfill your aspirations in every way. After all, you have all that it takes for the position that you want so badly. You have the required skills and experience, a kick-ass personality and everything else that makes you the perfect hire. But…..there may be hundreds of other applicants. So you cannot afford to just sit back waiting for the hiring company to find that you are the ideal candidate for the job.

You need that extra something that can convince a company that YOU ARE THE ONE.

First, you need a killer profile on an online professional networking site like LinkedIn. Start by putting up a professionally taken photograph, one that brings out the best of your personality. Have an attention-grabbing headline that at a glance indicates what you do. And then start filling in your profile details. While your past work and successes are important, your profile needs to be much more than that. The hiring manager will really want to know what you think you can do and what your professional objectives are. So put all of this in your profile. There’s one other thing that you need to remember. An impressive profile is of no use unless the hiring company finds it when they perform a search. So find the keywords that a company is likely to use when looking for a person like you and use those keywords in your profile. And don’t be surprised when company after hiring company approaches you!

Another thing that you need to do is get excellent recommendations. All things being equal, a recommendation from a reputed professional can be the one single factor that wins you the job. And if you really want to impress a hiring manager, these recommendations should come from people at the highest levels: CXOs of companies that you worked for or of companies that were your clients. But getting recommendations can be tricky and time-consuming, right? Well, LinkedIn has simplified the process with the Recommendations feature that allows you to request your contacts for recommendations. The hiring manager has already been impressed with your profile. Glowing recommendations will now totally convince them that you are the right person for the job.

A good profile and recommendations will ensure that you get a good job now. But what about the long term? You will of course change jobs every few years in your quest to climb higher in your career; and you’ll have to convince the hiring companies that you fit the bill best, each time. How do you do that? The answer is simple. Many experts write regularly on LinkedIn Pulse and make presentations on SlideShare. They give you simple but effective tips on how to become the most sought-out person in your profession. Make it a habit to read these articles. And more important, implement the suggestions given.  You will see yourself getting better and better at convincing hiring companies that you are indeed the best!

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