How To Find Clients On LinkedIn?

How To Find Consulting Clients On LinkedIn
LinkedIn has become a boon for all kinds of businesses. So, how can you utilize the advantages of LinkedIn?How To Find Clients On LinkedIn? It is not that hard actually.

Get Found –

Include the correct keywords in your profile. People search using keywords and if you include the appropriate ones, there is a high probability that your profile may get hits. Check out the top consulting profiles on LinkedIn and look at the common keywords found on them. Plus, Google the most used consulting/consultant keywords as well. Scatter them liberally all over your profile.

Utilize Your Contacts –

– A business that thrives on word of mouth a lot. So, connect with professionals who have used your services in the past. Use LinkedIn to strengthen your relationship with them and ask them to help you reach more potential clients. Also, once you connect with them, you can have a look at their clients and take a proactive approach by dropping them a message yourself. You may think that this is sort of creepy but here we are talking about a business. If someone with a skill set as yours is getting out and making efforts to get in touch then it will taken into regard.

Get Endorsed –

Use your contacts, former and present clients to get endorsements for yourself. This will given potential clients an idea about the skills you possess and basically how good you are at your job.

Join LinkedIn Groups –

Think of this like High School. Being friends with the correct people will further your status. Research and join consulting groups and those related to it to further your reputation as an experienced consultant which will help you find new clients. Moreover, in these new groups you may find potential clients and could get word of mouth referrals as well.

LinkedIn Publisher –

You can use this publishing platform to highlight yourself. Write articles to promote your knowledge and expertise of the consulting field. This will help you reach a wide audience and establish you as an expert. Soon, clients will definitely come pouring in.

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How To Find Clients On LinkedIn
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