RAG Indicators Monthly Project Management Status

A Project Status Meeting is used to confirm progress on a project or initiative and to maintain project momentum.

It is very common for a project status to be reported by RAG.  RAG being the acronym for Red, Amber, Green.  The basic principle is:

  • Green = project is on track
  • Amber = some issues, being managed, needs to be closely monitored
  • Red = serious issues, dates being missed, recovery plan required
This simple approach makes it very easy for the projects at risk or in trouble to be identified and action taken.

The RAG reporting definitions and criteria need to be clearly communicated

An example would be as below

Dimension RAG Status Guidelines
Schedule Green Schedule on Target
Amber Likely to be delays
Red Delayed
Scope Green In Line
Amber Likely to be changes
Red Significant changes
Cost Green On Target
Amber Likely to be overrun
Red Cost overrun
Benefits Green On Target
Amber Likely to be reduction
Red Benefits reduced
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Scope of Usage
  • Can be used by Portfolio, Program and Project Managers to communicate Project status
  • Can be used as a progressive tracker and a handy business metaphor for every workstream