The Secret To A Successful Project Management

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Project management is a blend of many tasks.  One needs to write up everyone else’s job and fill in the various positions in the loop lying empty. The technicalities of the job are not tough to understand for any motivated project manager. But with the growing competition in the industry, you need to come out with an edge over the others.

Here are some answers to the question, what are some unique project management skills a successful manager requires;

A link between higher ups and the project team : 

A project management success depends upon the communication between the key management of the company and the project team. This, a lot of times, requires diplomacy of a politician. Because a project manager needs to handle many uncomfortable situations, and needs to act differently in each. He needs to be different at a presentation in front of the bosses and very different while handling an irresponsible subordinate.

Managing through change :

Project management skills require a person to be able to manage the team through a changing technology, atmosphere, etc. This skill, however, gets the trickiest when it comes to managing the changing emotions and attitudes of the team members. A manager needs to be careful of what triggers a member in some way and make sure the same is used to make him motivated to work harder.

Strict but funny:

A project manager needs to be likeable. The most important among the many reasons for this is, he needs the team members to open up to him considering him one of their own. By knowing the team better only can he make sure he can manage their diverse attitudes and fickle emotions. But this should not come in the way of keeping his team disciplined enough for the office environment. Too casual an environment may not be good for the efficiency of the team. Neither would too strict an environment. Success of Project management depends upon figuring out the line between the two for your specific team.

Using client expectation as the basis of his strategy:

As a project manager, one would get a lot of factual details. Using those details to make a technical plan is something every motivated project manager can do. In order to bring out the edge, one should learn to read between the lines. Figure out the expectation from the perspective of a client and the capabilities of your team, and use them to form a strategy.


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