The Transition from a Man to a King


Let’s talk about Abraham Lincoln for a moment. He was one of the greatest Presidents of USA. However, there is one thing that distinguishes him from other great people – humility. He went through the grind, failed many times and after all that he became, quite literally the boss of US. While the British may have left American shores decades ago, Lincoln really was a ‘King’. He is the kind of boss that people should aspire to be – humble, kind, strong and good.

Anyone can be the ‘Man’ or ‘Woman’ of the office but only true leaders can be kings and queens. You may be on top of the ladder at the moment in your workplace but never forget where you came from. You need to considerate regarding your subordinates. You cannot treat them with less respect just because they rank lower than you.

When you are the boss, you are also a coach and mentor. You have to help your team with their problems. You cannot expect to just give orders and let your role end there. It is supposed to be a two way relationship. Your presence should reassure your juniors and not stress them out. You have to motivate and encourage them to do their best without being a slave-driver.

Appreciate the efforts of your subordinates. Make them feel valued. Saying something positive about their work may not be the top of your priority list but do say it once in a while. The confidence boost that they will get will do wonders for them and their work. Create an inclusive work environment. Do not anyone feel left out. As a boss and coach, you have to look after all your team members. They are all under your care and mentorship. It is your responsibility to make each of them bloom and prosper.

However, while being good and nice to them all, don’t forget – you are their boss not friend. Being a ‘King’ means taking hard decisions too that no one else can take, which in this case means some tough love once in a while is required. No matter how much they resent you then, you need to give it but don’t be insulting and demeaning.

Abraham Lincoln said, – “Whatever you are, be a good one.” So, be a good boss, a ‘King’. Don’t let your success get to your head. Don’t forget that you too were someone’s junior once. That is why be considerate, accommodating but not a  pushover.


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