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The X factor skill set can get you a new job

People in your professional network advised you to acquire it. Recruiters rejected you because you did not have it. You knew then that you could not put it off any longer. And YAY! You’ve now finally done it! You have learned that new skill which can take your career places. True, it cost you a bit. True, you’d to burn the midnight oil and sacrifice your weekends. But you know that it was all worth it.

So what now? Do you sit back and relax feeling good? Do you wait for companies to come knocking at your door begging you to join them? Well, that will be one endless wait because hiring companies have absolutely no idea that you have recently acquired a skill which they very badly need.

So what do you do?

First of all, clearly mention your new skill in your resume; not in some hidden corner, but prominently, along with your main skills. Some people hesitate to. They feel like frauds they say, claiming mastery over a skill they’ve just learnt. Now, this attitude can defeat the very purpose of acquiring the skill. Mind you, you don’t have to lie and make false claims. You just have to tell the hirers as it is: that you have learned this skill and that you are confident about using it well.

However, doing just this is not enough. You need to do much more.

Hiring companies look for candidate profiles online on sites liked LinkedIn. How do you draw their attention to you and your new skill? The easiest way is to mention the skill in your profile summary. This will ensure that the hiring company finds you when they perform a search for profiles with that skill. Have you done a course to learn the skill and answered a test? If yes, mention the course in the Courses list and make entries in the Test Scores list on your profile page. If you’ve received a certification, mention that as well.

There’s another important thing you need to do: add your new skill to the list of skills in your profile and get it endorsed. How to get somebody to endorse a skill that you haven’t worked on yet, you may ask. Here’s what you can do.

At work, try to snag a project that needs this skill, and after working on that project for some time, request your team lead or colleague to endorse that skill on your LinkedIn profile page. If this is not possible, check your employment contract and see if it allows you to work elsewhere part time. If it does, try to get part-time work where you can use this new skill; later, get the skill endorsed by the person whom you worked for. You can also see if you can do a project for a non-profit using this skill. Do it for free, but ask for an endorsement as well as a recommendation.

Now, that you have experience in your new skill as well as endorsements, there’s no way that a hiring company can ignore you. Your career is ready to take off!

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