Tough market conditions? Make use of “People You May Know” feature on LinkedIn

The truth hits you hard on the face! “The market is down” is what the newspapers and magazines are all reporting. This seems like spelling gloom for you, as you, especially, are at your lowest when it comes to motivation and enthusiasm, presently, as you are seeking a job change right now.

It has been proven that in such testifying conditions when the sensational news is all over the media, and you succumb to it negatively, there is a chance of you becoming numb to opportunity. After all, your thoughts are the makers of your destiny, and when you are adversely affected by the negative surroundings, you tend to mold yourself as a defeatist.

So, time now to snap out of the defeatist attitude influenced by negative stories of the down market, and emerge successfully. How do you do this? You cannot change the world, but you can change yourself. First, inhale the fresh breath of positivity by surrounding yourself with positive people only. Connect with them via LinkedIn, a great place where the movers and shakers of the Earth are listed. The “People You May Know” is a great feature to start with for this kind of exercise. The feature suggests relevant professionals in your field who may soon become part of your great professional network!

There are some millionaires born during a down market than during a buoyant one. Seek fresh opportunities and do not rest until you have found them. Connect with those who work tirelessly even in the midst of adversity and are shining, as hard work automatically ushers in good luck.

Befriend these optimistic, hard workers. You may want to join their firm or just about seek advice from them then in these less opportune times. The chances are that you will always benefit from such optimists, the committed, and dedicated.

So, the mantra goes on like this…”Connect, Learn, and Earn!” Forget those negative newspaper stories. After all, tough people last and tough times do not. Double up your efforts and take refuge in pursuing a worthy, yet viable goal. Additionally, that specific resource that is going to help you in these difficult market conditions is positive-minded people, who are successful come rain or shine. These are the people who will make the most of any situation. Being an optimist, he would always see the glass half full and not half empty, as a pessimist would do. There is a gross difference between these two believers, and the opportune moment would come when you forge ties with the powerful, the influential and the diehard optimist- even in difficult conditions!