Using LinkedIn Pulse,How to get mentored by top-notch professionals

Have you ever approached a successful professional that you admire, with a request to mentor you? Even begged and pestered them? And have you been disappointed? Well, you can’t really blame them for refusing your request. First of all, they don’t know you from Adam. Secondly, they simply do not have the time. How do you think they became successful? Imagine yourself in their place, being inundated with mentoring requests. Would you have obliged? ‘No’ is the likely answer. Thirdly, in all probability, they think that you are trying to get them to solve your problems instead of getting your own hands dirty. They are not even sure that you will use any input they give you. Even if they relent, you might receive only half-hearted mentoring which will not be of much use to you.

So is your dream of getting mentored by great persons going to remain just that, a dream?

Well, there are two ways of going about it.

One is you approach people that you already know: who are several steps ahead of you; who inspire you; and who you think can surely take your career places. It is even better if they have seen or experienced your work first hand. This would help them assess your skills accurately and give you right advice. This mentor could be a senior in your current or past workplace, or a person with whom you have done business, or a friend who is a phenomenal professional success. Chances are that such a person would readily agree to help you.

However, if there is no known person who can become your mentor, don’t get disheartened; you can still get mentored by top-rated professionals thanks to technology. But before trying to get something, you will have to learn to give; do something that can help your prospective mentors. One simple thing you can do is open LinkedIn’s Pulse feature. There you will find a horde of articles written by top-notch professionals that you admire so much. Read them thoroughly. Granted that you will have to devote some time, but with a LinkedIn app that should not be difficult; you can read them anytime, anywhere, on your phone or tablet, while commuting to work, or during your coffee break. These articles are likely to contain many lessons for you. Once you are done with the reading, place an intelligent comment that adds value to whatever the author is saying: add your perspective or narrate an experience that validates the article. Tweet the article and share it on Facebook. And keep doing this on a regular basis.

The person you are so much in awe of, will soon see that you have a keen interest in what he is saying and that you are even helping publicize his views on a subject. With time, he is likely to respond to your questions and give advice when asked. So you have a win-win situation: you can draw on the experience and wisdom of top-notch professionals who would have been inaccessible otherwise, while they receive your support.