What About YOUR Personal Brand?




When you work for a company your main aim is to promote the company – its image and brand. You help the growth of the company and make it successful. However, while you are doing that, what about your brand? How can you promote that in ways that will not clash with promotion of the company brand?

   Scheduled Social Media Posts – In today’s world it is not possible impossible to build a personal brand without social media. So, everyday take 15 minutes from your schedule and update your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Posting plus responding and engaging with your target group on a daily basis will do wonders for your brand.

Utilize The Company Blog & Other Outlets – Your company’s blog already has a huge reach in the industry. Hence, promoting your brand there by writing articles is not only smart but also cost effective. Also, this can be done on company time so you won’t have to waste your personal time. Plus, you can write for other outlets as well. Your name in front of the articles will establish you as an expert.

LinkedIn – Your LinkedIn account is a goldmine of promotion. It is one of the best ways to promote your brand. Keep the account updated, join the relevant groups and participate in conversations to stand out as an expert. Plus, use LinkedIn to network like crazy.

Keep Up with the Latest Trends – Know what is trending in your industry because then you can lead the company and clients in the right direction. This will make you look good and help your personal brand inside the office as well as outside. Your reputation will spread by word of mouth through your colleagues, seniors and clients. Your personal brand will get firm footing to grow and prosper.

Events & Networking – As mentioned before, your company has huge reach in the industry. So, participate in events organized by your company and those where your company is invited. More people means more chances to make them aware of your personal brand especially by taking part in speaking engagements as an industry expert.


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