Wheel Diagram for BA Role

Make presentations interesting by presenting data and information with diagrams instead of using the regular text-based slides.

One can use circular diagrams or wheel diagrams to present business concepts, strategies and ideas in an interesting way.

You can also use a Wheel Diagram to represent a role and the associated responsibilities.

Step1: Open an Excel Worksheet and enter column values for inner wheel and outer wheel


Step2: Insert Doughnut Chart

Step3: Delete the legend


Select inner wheel, right click. Format Data Series -> Series. Reduce Doughnut hole size


Open PowerPoint


Step5: Paste the chart in PowerPoint


Step6: Select relevant ‘Shape Styles’ to format the circles


Step7: Enter Text


Step 8: Preview Slide


Scope of Usage

  • Can be used to model a process cycle in PowerPoint
  • Can be used to segments or show components of a central subject